Plywood, Boards & Doors


Plywood is a value for money proposition in a true sense. The most widely accepted all grades of plywood. Each tenderized core of our Plywood material is passed between the glue spreader, where all the veneers is treated with synthetic resin of boiling water proof grade. The resin core veneer is cured at low temperature to retain the natural stability of the timber thus making the plywood waterproof. Layers of core and face veneer's are assembled under the natural condition before it is sent for final pressing under controlled temperature.

Pre-pressing of plywood helps in uniform spread of glue and diffusing moisture content. Further the process of hot pressing under controlled temperature enables the plywood in obtaining warp free and greater dimensional stability.


Block Board

Block Board is a lumber-core board made from blocks of wooden strip, two cross bands & two face veneers on each side of the core assembly. Block Boards are the best solution for applications where straightness is the main requirement. Used mainly as structural material for partitions, doors, shutters, panels etc.

Our Boards are made from 100% Pine lumber which is the ideal timber for making block boards. Battens of pine wood are selected & after proper treatment, seasoning used for board's frame and fillers. Assembled packs (a central core of a wooden frame, two cross bands and two face veneers) are then pressed in a hot press with resin, anti-borer and anti-termite compounds to make the product termite resistant under high temperature and high pressure.

After being pressed in the hot press, the board is passed through an automatic saw machine followed by proper sanding and finishing processes. All the finished board then goes through inspection & quality checks before it is delivered to its customers.

Flush Doors

Flush Doors are reliable and manufactured under stringent, supervision to ensure maximum safety and flawless finish.

Suitable for both exterior as well as interior applications, our flush doors are an ideal choice when it comes to security of your premises. Apart from characteristics like uniform thickness; high resistance to bending and warping, our flush Doors have high screw holding capacity to withstand the test of time after application of any type of hardware.