Exclusive Veneers

Veneer is wood at its most attractive. Experts in the wood industry regard veneer as the noblest produce from wood. One can sense the natural source in each and every veneer. Wood is a naturally grown raw material. Each type of wood has its own characteristics and is distinctive by its decorative features. Every wood grain tells its own story. Standing somewhere between tradition and innovation, this is what makes veneer highly interesting. As an element in design, even after workmanship, veneer retains its natural beauty and visual appeal.

Our veneers are sourced from some of the best veneer mills in Europe and America, which is then compressed on prime grade, underlay Plywood. Available in more than 200 varieties of exotic and regular species our veneers have the most distinct characters, colors, textures, etc; Apart from the regular size of 8 feet, we also have veneers of up to 10 feet in height. With the actual veneer thickness of 0.55mm and higher we strive to bring the finest and most exotic varieties for our clients. We have also launched edgings in almost all species of veneers to enhance the beauty of veneered furniture.