10 Ways to Use Acrylic Solid Surface at HOME

10 Ways to Use Acrylic Solid Surface at HOME TEMPLES/ POOJA GHAR - Seeking a modern interior design to create an experience of warmth and simplicity in Temples, Solid Surface is the solution. Fabulous 2D/3D designs are created on our surfaces as desired using CNC machine to create astonishing temples which are not only durable but also easy to maintain. HOME DESIGN - Give your house a unique edge with Solid Surface extensively being used to create center pieces, wall hangings, wall shelves, etc. Due to its versatility the product is being used in numerous ways and can be designed and styled into any form desired. With Solid Surface architects and interior designers have the liberty to give shape to their imagination. BATHROOMS - Choose Solid Surface for your bathroom & get beauty, durability, and carefree maintenance. Customize your sinks, counter tops, vanities, tubs and backslashes to match your bathroom design requirements. Solid Surface fulfills all the attributes to design a highly desirable bathroom. CEILINGS - Gone are the days when the ceilings were designed with wood and plaster. The latest trend followed by the interior designers and architects is Solid Surface. These surfaces can be shaped and molded into any form and design required and used on ceilings with back-lighting. It not only adds architectural aesthetics to the designers work but also makes housekeeping easy. BACK-LIGHTING - If you are looking for a translucent surface to create back-lighting designs for your home, Solid Surface is the ideal choice. You can create contemporary design to reflect your persona and build a beautiful distinctive lighting. Illuminate furniture and add dramatic impressions to your home with Solid Surface's unique and distinctive patterns. KITCHEN - Make Solid Surface an integral part of your kitchen design and add warmth and appeal to your kitchen. Solid surface is durable, nonporous and completely hygienic, and fits the best to your kitchen requirements. It is not only easy to maintain but also pleasing to the eye. It is ideal for use as counter tops as well as sinks and hence gives the liberty to design kitchen such that the cooking area is seamlessly integrated with the cleaning area and rest of the kitchen. Design your cabinet doors and drawers too with solid surface available in a range of colors to complement any interior. WALL PANELS - Solid Surface is the obvious choice for homes with children since these surfaces are stain resistant, hygienic as well as very easy to clean. Although any sort of dirt or fluid do not stick to the surfaces, if any, can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Hence, it is the perfect material for designers to create hygienic and durable wall without compromising on architectural aesthetics. FURNITURE - Worried about selecting the right material for your furniture for solidity and durability? Solid Surface is the ideal choice as the same can be shaped, engraved and combined with other materials to make into innovative seating, tables, bed, bookshelves, cabinets, wardrobes and other pieces. Solid surface is the ideal material for today’s modern furniture, strong enough for rough & tough usage. STAIRS - Add solid surface to your stairs and change the space dramatically. Use solid surface as staircase, vertical bars, and horizontal rails, railing or as solid wall and combine it with wood in a playful way to highlight your space. Solid Surface is the right option when you want to design the staircase cladding and hand railings. Solid Surface not only comes in various colors and patterns but also varied shapes from straight to curve can be achieved with proper fabrication and finishing. With its durability and ease of maintenance it is a great product for staircases. PARTITION WALLS - Choose Solid Surface partition walls for modern luxury interior. Due to its supreme versatility and flexibility, solid surface can be shaped into different designs and styles. These sheets can be easily cut-through via machines and created into beautiful partitions for living rooms, rooms and kitchens.