10 Things Never to Say to an Interior Designer

10 Things Never to Say to an Interior Designer “I am not exactly sure of what I want, but can you still design something?” Come on; if you are not sure of what you want, how can a designer come up with any idea that could possibly make you happy. The most important thing, before hiring a designer, is to be sure of what you want to keep in your house and what you would like to dispose off. “There isn’t much time, so can you design something really fast?” Honestly, hire an interior designer when you have enough time in your hand, since designing, planning and implementation requires sufficient time and you will have to be patient all throughout. “Why don’t you give me a number of options and I will choose one from among them?” Designers often work on multiple projects at the same time and to create designs for any one client without even knowing what he/she thinks or wants is really cumbersome and time-taking. Not only will it be too difficult to finalize a design but the turnaround time for the project will be delayed as well. “Something really nice just struck me, could I make this one last change?” Before giving thumbs up to any design, go through every bit of it; talk to your designers and understand all aspects completely. Once the project begins, making even the tiniest of change in the design would hamper the flow. “I just love the interiors at my friend’s; can you design something like that?” If you love your friend's interiors so much, then why don't you get your home done by the other designer instead? Come on, trust your designers since they are equally creative and help them design your dream home. “The other designer works for nearly half the price, why don’t you lower your rates too?” Based upon skills, experience, style, reputation, speed, quality and several other factors, designers decide upon their rates, so it would be unfair to compare one designer with the other. They will offer their best services at their proposed rates. “You see, I can’t pay you the total amount, but this project would give you an excellent exposure.” Along with publicity and good name, designers need money to pay their bills, workers and other associated costs. So trying to lure them into publicity only without any monetary gain isn't a very wise decision. “How would I know? You are the creative expert here, you decide” Well, that is true as designers do know their job. But the problem is that if they have the liberty to decide the entire design, they will come up with something good with their creative best, but you might not approve of it. So without prior knowledge of your requirements, their entire effort will go futile. “We want the design to look like this, but don’t copy it totally and don’t change it too much. It should be similar but different. You are getting my point, right?” This can confuse designers as much it has confused you. It is not always possible to re-create something as one desires. Simply trust their technical and artistic skills. “How much would you charge for my unique (complicated) project?” The cost of interior designing depends on a number of factors viz area of design, type of furnishings to be purchased, quantity and quality of materials, site visit by the designer, type of renovation involved and several others. Prior discussion with your designers is a must and you always have the liberty to cross-check the proposed budget with a third party to be absolutely sure before approval, since it is always wise to opt for budget-friendly interior designing. So, long story short, designers are there to beautify your space; trust their wits, skills and knowledge and walk into your dream home.