Why MDF for Kitchen?

MDF is an acronym for Medium Density Fibreboard. An engineered wood, it is crafted from wood fibers (small) that are glued together with special resin under high pressure and temperature. MDF has a higher density, and is therefore thicker and stronger, able to hold heavy weight enhancing durability MDF boards are heavy and weigh more. They have a density of 750-800 kg/m3 and weigh 12-20% more than particle boards. Used for designing and crafting high quality ready made furniture like kitchen cabinets. Cabinets and their parts can be custom made according to requirements. MDF is always available with a membrane finish. Its smoothness makes it a great base for veneer. Greater in strength and very durable MDF has a smoother finish, and a sophisticated look, making it the wood of choice for crafting kitchen cabinets Available at a premium cost because of their durability, versatility and strength MDF Boards are available in two options; Plain and Membrane