There are many ways you could be ruining your floors without even knowing it. Simple things you do that you might have thought were harmless could be detrimental to the beauty and durability of your wooden floors. Here, we take a look at some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to maintaining their flooring. 1. HAVE SOME PROTECTION… Not having a doormat, allows small bits of debris found under your shoes to rub against the wood as you walk around indoors. 2…BUT USE IT CORRECTLY However, rugs or carpets, like door mats, are also something that can damage your floor if not laid correctly. Some homeowners opt for tacks, which obviously damages floors, while others use double-sided tape, which could pull away the top protective layer of the floor. 3. USING TOO HARD A BRUSH… Ironic as it sounds, some cleaning methods could also be the reason why wooden floors are ruined. Using a broom with stiff bristles, for example, could be causing tiny scratches every single time you sweep. The damage won't be noticeable at first, until it builds up. 4…OR TOO MUCH WATER… A mop is a great way to clean wooden floors but not if it is soaking wet because water could seep in and cause expansion which could then lead onto the floor "cupping" and subsequently failing. 5…OR THE WRONG CLEANING PRODUCTS Another way you could be damaging your wooden floor is through the cleaning products you use, especially those that are designed NOT to work with your particular floors finish. While everything above could ruin wooden floors, it does not mean you have to skip them all. They can still be used or done but with extra caution and strict conditions. Firstly, you should have a doormat at every door leading outside if possible. When it comes to carpets, choose a soft material that is heavy enough to stay in place without tacks or tape. Buy a broom with gentle bristles and make sure the cleaning products you buy are appropriate and suitable for the type of floor you have. Last but not the least, clean with a damp, not soaking wet, floor mop and make sure to dry your floor as soon as possible.